AI-Powered Care Coordination

Helping hospitals and health plans care for seniors by improving real-time collaboration with post-acute and in-home care providers.

Here’s How The Platform Works

Real-Time Patient Tracking Across the Care Continuum

Helping hospitals and health plans improve visibility into the home, reduce costs, and improve care coordination for adults with complex care needs, many of whom are seniors. Dina is a next-generation, innovative platform that connects hospitals and health plans with the post-acute network to:

  • Identify high-quality post-acute and in-home care partners.
  • Enable real-time communication.
  • Activate home-based insights to provide the best care possible.

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Senior Care Coordination Simplified

We’re transforming the future of care by providing a real-time view of patients as they move from hospital to skilled nursing or hospital to home. Use Dina to build high-quality provider networks, deliver seamless care outside of the hospital, make data-driven treatment decisions, and track compliance with care pathways.

Organize High-Quality Partners

Use proprietary data to identify, contract and activate post-acute, home and social determinant providers into a high-quality digital network.

Enable Real-Time Collaboration

Digital platform allows all members of the care team to coordinate and share patient data including evidence-based interventions and pathways, placement/staffing, transition management, authorizations, real-time patient tracking, and family and caregiver engagement.

Unlock Home-Based Insights

Harvest assessments from post-acute and in-home care providers, including personal and family caregivers, to proactively identify gaps in care and unmet needs, alert providers when there’s a change in condition, and connect patients with community resources.

Seamlessly Connect and Coordinate Care

Our digital care coordination platform connects hospitals and health plans to post-acute and in-home care providers including skilled nursing facilities, home care agencies, professional and family caregivers, and organizations that address social determinants of health. Learn How We Help


Coordinate complex care for aging adults and improve visibility as patients move outside the hospital.

Health Plans

Build high-performing networks to support members’ goals of living their very best lives in their homes and communities.

Post-Acute and In-Home Providers

Connect with hospitals and health plans. Use digital engagement to demonstrate accountability. Collect and share actionable insights from the home.

Real-time Communication From Hospital to Home and All Points in Between

We believe better communication helps senior adults stay safe and well-cared for at home. We know that hospitals and health plans benefit from data and actionable insights from the home. Dina provides the platform to make it happen.

  • Keep the entire care team up-to-date on patient progress
  • Reduce avoidable readmissions
  • Right-size length of stay
  • Reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • Use data to identify high-quality providers and improve in-home care

Dina Powers Actionable Analytics

  • Organize high-quality providers across the care continuum
  • Create smarter transitions, referrals, orders and authorizations at every level of care
  • Comply with new CMS discharge planning requirements
  • Use AI-based intervention management
  • Collect data and create actionable insights
  • Robust reporting and user-friendly notifications
  • Leverage predictive models to increase healthy days at home
  • FHIR 4.0 standard, the most advanced way for our customers to electronically exchange patient data in real time.
  • Web and mobile applications and seamless integration into EHR software

“We Had to Find a Better Way”

Most seniors want to age at home and age with dignity. Dina founders David Coyle and Ashish V. Shah are passionate about empowering caregivers with the tools they need to help people age in place. The mission is personal.

In 2011, Ashish lost his 65-year-old father to heart disease. At the same time, David’s mother was ill and living in Ireland, and he found it difficult to stay connected to her care team and get regular health updates.

“After my father passed, we talked to aides who saw him in his home and at senior centers,” says Shah. “We found they had meaningful observations that indicated that perhaps his condition was changing. We knew we had to find a way to bring everyone into a digital community to share the types of insights that help people stay well cared for at home.

“Dina is a personal mission with roots in my own experience with an aging parent. I truly believe there is a better way.”

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Stephen K. Klasko

MD, MBA, president of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health

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