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Dina connects everyone involved in a patient’s post-acute care, enabling real-time, HIPAA-compliant communication.

The Evolution of In-Home Care: How to Leverage Supplemental Benefits Offerings

In this episode of Becker’s podcast, Dina CEO Ashish V. Shah, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Director of the NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health Dr. Mary Naylor, and ArchAngels CEO Alexandra Drane share about the growth in Medicare Advantage, what MA plans can do now to support people as they receive care at home, and how that differs from fee-for-service, with Supplemental Benefits as the perfect example.

Innovating with Health Plans

As care-at-home accelerates, health plans play an important role in making home-based care more accessible and available to their members. In an insider conversation, Dina CEO Ashish V. Shah and leaders from CareCentrix and Healthfirst share how LTSS and Supplemental Benefits networks are designed and managed, why health plans value “boots on the ground,” and how to partner with plans to drive outcomes.

The Rise of Home-Based Care: How Jefferson Health is Engaging Patients at Scale

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for care-at-home solutions, and many opportunities exist to transfer certain care to the home. Learn how Jefferson Health aligned its resources to manage thousands of patients in their homes during the pandemic. See how they now use digital technology to manage people with chronic conditions in their homes.

Introducing Dina

Dina is revolutionizing post-acute care by simplifying case management, reducing readmission rates, and improving the patient experience. Learn more about Dina and what drives us to make a difference in healthcare.

Dina in Philadelphia

With a rapidly aging population, Philadelphia is facing challenges to provide access to the right care and enable seniors to age at home. Learn from BAYADA Home Health Care, Genesis Powerback Center City and Jefferson Health and see how Dina is enabling simplified communication and better outcomes for patients.

Dina at Northwestern Medicine

By simplifying communication with post-acute providers, Dina has drastically improved patient outcomes at three Northwestern Medicine hospitals. From lowered readmissions to increased patient seen rates, hear from Northwestern’s case management team on how the platform has transformed processes and partner relationships.

Dina Provides a Window into the Home

It is no secret that seniors are the fastest growing population and they have the most complex healthcare needs. The majority of senior adults also want to remain in a place that is familiar and comfortable: their home. Dina helps providers gain visibility into the home to help seniors get the support and resources they need to age in place.

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