Dina for Hospitals

Coordinating discharge planning for aging adults and people with complex conditions requires ongoing visibility post-hospital. Stay connected to ensure people receive the care they need, when and where they need it.

CMS Discharge Compliance

We work with customers to deliver the gold standard of post-acute interoperability. Share key clinical documents, referral packets, and discharge plans electronically with the next level of care, whether that’s post-acute facilities or home health agencies. Synchronize patient and family preferences and discharge plan updates with your hospital system of record. Share information with patients and families in a mobile-friendly way as they move through the healthcare continuum.

  • Organize and collect data on post-acute and home-health options.
  • Optimize transitions of care to reduce avoidable or unfunded hospital days.
  • Reduce uncompensated care and bad debt due to unnecessary ER visits.

Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI-A)

To be successful, bundled payment programs require an increased level of collaboration between providers to reduce waste and improve patient outcomes. Along with a shared financial responsibility, BPCI also requires more efficient patient transitions and increased visibility into patient care post-discharge.

Dina can help:

  • Organize high-performing post-acute and in-home providers.
  • Use data to make standardized decisions on the next site of care.
  • Seamlessly transition patients according to best practices and care pathways for¬†successful discharge planning.
  • Create real-time visibility into post-acute utilization and costs (i.e., length of stay and home health visits).
  • Optimize skilled nursing facility length of stay.
  • Reduce leakage to non-preferred providers.
  • Reduce unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations.
  • Automate and integrate updates from post-acute and home care providers back into hospital IT systems.

Support for ACO Performance and Objectives

Accountable Care Organizations can leverage Dina to reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Our platform can help ACOs:

  • Improve Transitions of Care (TOC).
  • Activate complex care coordination.
  • Close gaps in care.
  • Initiate wellness assessments.

Anthony Brown

Vice President of Operations, Northwestern Medicine

Improve coordination through one of the largest networks of post-acute and in-home providers.

See how to gain visibility into the post-acute journey home.

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