The care a patient receives after leaving the four walls of a hospital can be just as crucial to the success of the patient’s recovery – leaving the health system at risk to rely on their partners to lower readmissions. On Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review, our COO, Tim Coulter, breaks down how hospitals can make informed decisions to boost their preferred post-acute network, ultimately improving finances with increasing cost savings through the bundled payment model and reducing readmission penalties.

“Making post-acute care decisions based on months-old ratings can be detrimental to patient outcomes as they do not reflect the post-acute care providers’ current standards and efficiencies. One key data point that hospital-based teams need to know in order to make informed decisions is the responsiveness of post-acute care providers during the discharge and transition stage. Skilled nursing facilities and home health care providers that answer referrals more efficiently can prevent delays in care transitions and improve patient throughout. But what’s the best way to get this information?”

Read the full article here.

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