The coronavirus outbreak has increased the need for easy-to-use screening tools to ensure that employees are healthy and available to care for patients. To meet the needs of hospitals and post-acute providers, we’ve added a Staff Screening and Check-In tool to our product suite that is easy to activate and doesn’t require any additional downloads or applications.

Here are 5 benefits for providers:

Staff survey gif

  1. Get real-time status. Daily text message-based surveys include questions related to coronavirus symptoms and quickly confirm the health status and availability of staff. Our customers report a 75% response rate in the first weeks of use.
  2. Proactively identify issues. Providers can quickly identify staff that need additional attention, isolation or potential quarantine. To date, about 2% of responses have triggered escalation and avoidance of an exposure event.
  3. Reach staff how and when you want. Bulk SMS surveys include customizable text, like thank you messages from management or reminders to wash hands upon arriving on-site.
  4. Care with confidence. With consistent monitoring, patients and family caregivers feel confident that staff members are healthy and can be allowed into facilities or their homes. Staff can confidently care for patients without worrying about creating an exposure event.
  5. Gain timely insights. View dashboard reports to see trends including spiking zip codes.

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