The Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), a ValueH organization and one of the leading voices for value-based care, announces Dina as its newest member.

Dina is excited to provide a new technology solution to support FLAACOs goal of improving patient outcomes through care gap closure and higher standards of care.

“As care continues to move outside of the hospital and into the home, innovative providers want to ensure that their patients continue to receive quality care, and that their medical, non-medical and social determinant needs are met,” said Dina CEO Ashish V. Shah. “Many ACOs have demonstrated that care in the home is a key avenue to address health inequities and many of the social issues that impact health status.”

Activating Care in the Home

Dina’s technology is used to activate medical and non-medical in-home and social determinant services; remotely monitor people in between visits to help them stay home safely; and assess new types of home-based data to identify risks and reduce disparities in health. 

“Membership with FLAACOs will allow Dina to connect directly with providers focused on delivering quality care to patients when they leave the hospital and return home,” said Nicole Bradberry, FLAACOs CEO. “This is especially important for healthcare providers in Florida, who serve the largest population of senior adults in the nation, many of whom are managing multiple chronic conditions and prefer to age in place.”

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