At PreparedHealth, the #IHeartHIT campaign hits home for us. We’ve made it our mission to make it possible to age and deliver care in the home and to do so, we’ve built a team of talented, smart people who are passionate about creating technology that changes lives. Our team is made up of data scientists, social workers, nurses, designers, healthcare experts, engineers, product owners, marketers, and more, yet we all have a personal reason of why we joined this mission. Read below to hear just a few of our stories:

Liesl Petersen, MSW – Market Development 

I’ve always been mission-driven. With my background in social work, PreparedHealth empowers me to serve and improve wellness for a greater number of lives than ever before. The Dina app is used by clinicians and service workers to better coordinate care for a growing elderly population, enabling the elderly to maintain the autonomy and dignity of aging at home. Working in health IT has been incredibly rewarding.

Martha Kouimelis, Project Management and Client Success

Through personal experience with family members as well as my Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, I realized that the issue of poor provider communication is pervasive and extremely detrimental to patient outcomes. I am extremely happy to have found an organization whose mission is to use technology to connect all stakeholders so that patients don’t fall through the cracks and are able to live healthy, happy lives in the comfort of their homes.

Stevan Dedovic, Product Development

I came to PreparedHealth because I wanted to do something good in tech. I wasn’t too interested in finding deals, or parking spots, or helping people order delivery. I wasn’t too sure what I should be doing until a good friend of mine was facing his own health challenges. Our conversations changed my perspective and I’m glad I get to come to PreparedHealth everyday where the mission is truly what’s important.

Nirav Shah, Finance and Operations

On a personal level, I lost my father at a young age and I don’t think he was provided the information he needed to be more proactive with his health. As data is being made more available, we’re seeing that a lot of what ails us can be prevented or mitigated. This paradigm shift from reactionary healthcare to preventative healthcare is what I find inspiring. I believe PreparedHealth can be a critical tool to help people stay on top of the care of their loved ones and even themselves. 

David Pfeffer, User Experience and Design

I joined PreparedHealth because I was searching for a product that I could sink my teeth into. As soon as I learned what we do here, I realized that this was a place for me to make an impact, help people, and produce a great product that I could be proud to have my name on. Not only is it interesting and fun, but it’s something that I think everyone can see a personal connection with, and understand the value; this product makes sense – healthcare needs it, and I’m helping to push that forward.

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