Dina Dialogs

Remote Patient Monitoring Extends Visibility into the Home

Use Technology to Improve Care Team Outreach

Dina delivers deviceless SMS-based patient outreach programs for condition-specific management. Through automated exchanges with patients, you can quickly understand how people are progressing through their recovery. Real-time escalation helps care teams “manage by exception” by identifying the people who require additional support. Care teams follow up with appropriate next steps that may include immediate intervention, scheduling a telehealth or PCP visit, or providing educational support.

Remotely Engage Patients at Scale

  • Maintain a line of site into the home to close care gaps.
  • Reduce hospital readmissions and avoidable ED visits by proactively identifying care needs.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by delivering care in the home setting.

Jefferson Connects to the Home, Saves Time & Money

Used By Innovative Hospitals, ACOs, Health Plans & In-Home Care Providers

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Christin Kyriss

Director of Care Coordination, Jefferson Health

Care is Moving Home. Are You Ready?

Learn how to stay connected to people who are receiving care in their homes and communities.

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