COVID-19 has changed how healthcare providers operate, keep staff and clients healthy, and create safe workplaces. In response, Dina launched new text-based tools to help our customers pre-screen healthcare workers for COVID-19. 

We’re also helping partners screen COVID-19-positive patients in their homes, reserving hospital bed space for those who truly need it, while making sure people remain safe and well-cared for.

Top 8 Questions

Today, we’re screening more than 10,000 employees every day across 20 states. We’ve learned a lot along the way about engaging remote workforces and managing compliance issues. And we’ve answered a lot of questions. Here are the eight we hear most often: 

#1 Do you integrate with EHR and EMR solutions? Or is this stand-alone product?   

The solution can be deployed in a fully stand-alone experience where we provide the tools and templates to guide you through a clean onboarding process. We can also work in parallel to integrate with your EMR or ERP system so we gain access to your employee roster, schedules and other information that will help the AI-backed system continue to get smarter.

#2 Is the tool configurable for a centralized model to manage employee health and engagement, or for a decentralized model that includes field operations?

We can support both models. We can configure a workflow where check-ins and reporting can be centralized. But the tool can also be configured for centralized compliance but decentralized HR staff management at the office level. There’s quite a bit of flexibility in the platform.

#3 Can employees use this on Android or web solutions if we don’t use Apple products?

Although we have both Apple and Android mobile apps, we actually require no apps, as this solution is fully delivered through SMS or text messages to employees. This no-app model is based on feedback we received early on to provide a frictionless experience, with nothing to download, no training, and an engaging, interactive experience so we can get near-100% adoption from your field staff.  

We’ve found that proactive communication drives high engagement rates right out of the gate. 

#4 Can this be used by family members or consumer groups?

Yes, the tool can be used by patients and families. In fact, we are working directly with patients and families in the greater Northeast region of the country and in Philadelphia, where we have actively engaged approximately 400 Covid-positive patients during their recovery while they’re in quarantine. 

#5 What’s the onboarding process like?

The product is very intuitive so we’re able to rapidly deploy the tool among your workforce. We work hand-in-hand with you to create an onboarding process that is tailored to your business. We want to understand how you segment your workforce, who are the escalation points of contact, and make sure they have the right access. We’ll help you educate your employees so they know exactly what’s coming prior to rolling it out. We’ve found that proactive communication drives high engagement rates right out of the gate. 

#6 I’m in a state that mandates staff check-ins and requires specific language. Can you accommodate that?

Yes, we can tailor the screening questionnaire to meet state or local requirements and to reflect your company’s policies. We are already doing this for many of our customers. For example, Delaware and New York are checking temperatures differently. Michigan is screening healthcare workers twice a day, as opposed to once. Some companies are opting to provide educational resources and support including instructions for safely checking into a workplace, reminders to wash hands, or occasional satisfaction check-ins. 

Some companies are opting to provide educational resources and support including instructions for safely checking into a workplace, reminders to wash hands, or occasional satisfaction check-ins. 

#7 What if an employee doesn’t answer a question truthfully because they want to protect their hours? 

Everyone benefits from knowing that their employer is taking steps to keep them safe. In our customer implementations, we’ve seen that education not only helps keep engagement rates high, it offers companies an opportunity to communicate that there are no negative implications to answering questions truthfully. Many leading organizations have put policies in place to support employees during this difficult time and this seems to have built a level of trust in their staff to participate in this type of communication.

#8 What’s the pricing model for this solution?

The solution is priced on a per-employee per-month basis, and that can be scaled up or down depending on how interactive you want the experience to be. Our goal is to establish a relationship and support you in a really important space. We want to make this affordable and easy to adopt. 

Watch On-Demand Demo Today

Interested in seeing how Dina’s COVID-19 Employee Health & Wellness Screening Tools work?  Use this link to register and watch a free 15-minute on-demand product demo, which was first recorded as part of Home Health Care News Demo Day. You can still register even though the virtual event has passed.  And stay to the end to hear these and other questions from the audience.


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