COVID-19 has changed how health care providers operate, keep staff and clients healthy, and create safe workplaces.

At the start of the pandemic, Dina launched new Employee Health and Wellness Screening tools to help our customers pre-screen home care workers for COVID-19. This started as a pilot for 150 employees in New York, as everyone began to navigate this unprecedented moment in history.

Today, we’re screening nearly 80,000 employees every day across 29 states, and we expect this number to continue to grow. We’re helping partners screen COVID-19-positive patients in their homes, reserving hospital bed space for those who truly need it, while making sure people remain safe and well-cared for. And we’ve welcomed several new customers who are looking for tools to safeguard the workplace and protect employees from infection.

Our preventative solutions fill an important role: screen for the virus, or exposure to the virus, before employees leave their homes.

Our preventative solutions fill an important role: First, screen for the virus, or exposure to the virus, before employees leave their homes. And, second, provide robust tools to engage a remote workforce and manage reporting and compliance.

Supporting Return-to-Work Initiatives

Our Employee Health and Wellness Screening tools support four key pillars of a successful return-to-work initiative:

  • Administer Pre-shift Employee Health Screenings –  Screen employees before their shifts, via easy-to-use text-message based tools, to assess their health and ability to safely interact with patients. Screenings are based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC guidelines). No training is needed and no app downloads are required.
  • Automate Care Pathways – Based on responses, direct employees to self-care, tele-health consults, or live follow-ups from human resources or occupational health managers.
  • Manage Liability Risk and Activate HR/Compliance Reporting – Using real-time dashboards, track employee check-ins to manage risk and comply with state mandates for pre-shift screenings.
  • Provide Employee Safety Education and Engagement – Highlight company initiatives including wellness tips and safety best practices.

As the pandemic continues, our work and our partnerships remain critical. The CDC estimates that between 10 percent and 20 percent of U.S. coronavirus cases are healthcare workers.

Following our initial New York launch, the New York Department of Health began requiring home health and hospice staff to self-monitor daily for fever and other symptoms. Today, five states–New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington and Michigan–require healthcare workers to conduct daily self-screening and temperature checks before they report to work. We expect other states to follow suit.

Similarly, across the country, new recommendations and regulations are in place requiring many types of businesses to provide the tools for temperature checks and self-assessments at home, before employees arrive at the workplace. 

New Normal Includes Wellness Checks

We’re focused on getting through COVID-19 and there is still much change and uncertainty. Once the crisis has passed, we expect the new normal will continue to include regular employee health and wellness checks.

Dina is ready to help you create a plan to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure in your workplace. Interested in learning more?  Sign up here for regular news and updates.


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