Employee Health and Wellness Screening and Reporting Solutions

COVID-19 has changed how healthcare providers, and businesses in every sector, operate. As we prepare for a second wave, engaging remote workforces and staying on top of employee health and wellness issues has never been more important. We believe regular staff engagement is an important pillar of the new working normal. Dina’s Employee Health and Wellness Solutions are designed to decrease liability, improve staff availability, increase caregiver retention and streamline the compliance reporting process.

Administer Pre-Shift Employee Health Screenings

Screen healthcare workers daily before their shifts, via easy-to-use text-message-based tools. Assess the health of your care teams and their ability to safely interact with patients. Screenings are based on CDC guidelines. No training is needed and no app downloads are required.

  • Remain compliant by using reporting templates based on CDC guidelines and state mandates
  • Select send times to maximize staff engagement
  • Learn from already-active healthcare industry leaders
  • Customize communication to represent your culture and organization

Automate Care Pathways

Processing responses in real-time, Dina’s AI chatbot automatically directs employees who require immediate attention to telehealth consults, live follow-ups from human resources or occupational health managers, or self-care resources. Flexible escalation routings tailored to your organization gets the right people involved at the right time.

  • Natural language processing creates an intuitive experience
  • Escalation tiers allow you to prioritize those who truly need attention
  • Secure account provisioning ensures HIPAA compliance
  • Response data fuels your organizational policies and procedures

Build Robust Dashboards

Manage liability risk with HR and compliance reporting. Track staff availability and employee engagement efforts with robust real-time dashboards.

  • Comply with state mandates for pre-shift screenings
  • Demonstrate efforts made on behalf of employees to manage liability risk
  • Target your HR efforts with data-driven outreach tracking

Improve Employee Safety Education and Engagement

Leverage your health and wellness program to include employee education, wellness tips and safety best practices. 

  • Track outreach efforts with click-through and engagement rates
  • Strengthen employee engagement via a familiar text-based platform
  • Receive employee feedback via an Employer Net Promoter Score

Take a Demo Today!

Try Dina’s new COVID-19 Employee Health and Wellness Screening solution, part of Home Health Care News virtual Demo Day.  Access the demo here: https://demoday.homehealthcarenews.com/

What: 15-minute company overview and product demo, plus questions from the audience.

Why: See how to engage your extended workforce and keep healthcare workers and patients safe.

Who: Perfect for healthcare organizations that want to reduce liability risk, improve workforce availability, increase employee retention, and streamline compliance reporting, especially in states with regulations that are more complex than a typical EHR check-in.

Cost: No charge to sign up for the demo!

How: Use this link to take a demo today: https://demoday.homehealthcarenews.com/



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