Missed Home Health Care News Demo Day? No problem. You can still register for a free, on-demand demo of Dina’s new COVID-19 Employee Health and Wellness Screening Tools. 

Use this link to access the demo: https://demoday.homehealthcarenews.com/

What: 15-minute overview and demo of Dina’s Employee Health and Wellness Screening Tools, plus a brief round of questions and answers.

Perfect for: Healthcare organizations that want to reduce liability risk, improve workforce availability, increase employee retention, and streamline compliance reporting.

Why: We’re screening more than 10,000 employees every day across 20 states. See how we can help you engage your extended workforce and help keep healthcare workers and patients safe. 

Cost: No charge to sign up for the demo!  

Questions? Reach us at marketing@dinacare.com for more information. 

Take a demo today: https://demoday.homehealthcarenews.com/


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