COVID-19 has changed how healthcare providers operate, keep staff and clients healthy, and create safe workplaces. In response, Dina launched new text-based tools to help our customers pre-screen healthcare workers for COVID-19. 

Now, in preparation to get all medical personnel vaccinated, Dina has added vaccine tracking to its COVID-19 response program. Vaccine tracking is easy to implement and use. Our healthcare partners are using Dina’s vaccine tracking program to:

  • Determine who plans to receive the vaccine. 
  • Educate staff members on the vaccine distribution process and the options available to them.
  • Remind healthcare workers to complete paperwork required by public health authorities who will be distributing the vaccine. 
  • Track who has received the vaccine and/or requires a second shot. 

We provide an easy way for providers to connect with their care teams around vaccination requirements, questions and protocol.

“We’ve streamlined a cumbersome reporting process and provided an easy way for our partners to connect with their care teams around vaccination requirements, questions and protocol,” said Travis Woyner, Dina’s vice president of product.

As the vaccine distribution process continues to evolve, Dina is committed to helping partners anticipate changes and quickly respond to new conditions. We’ve automated more than 3.1 million Covid screenings to help providers manage symptoms and recovery, and we are assisting organizations across the country as they manage the vaccine tracking process. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more.

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